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Based in Madrid, our main focus is publishing music created by the best producers from Spain to the World.


We take pride in working with top quality producers and not closing ourselves off to any genre within Electronic Dance Music.


Some of the artists that have already passed through Jetlag Recordings are GoMad! & Monster, Subshock, Evangelos, Voltage, Dub Elements, Paulhard, Michael White, Distrak, Kvinz and WAP, all considered to be among the best in Spain in their respective styles.


As a label we have worked during the last year placing our music with brands like GoPro, ESPN, X-Games, Coca Cola, EA Games, Need For Speed, Red Bull and Arenal Sound Music Festival.


Through our A&R team, managers and agents, we never stop looking for new artists, so if you´re interested in us hearing your stuff, feel free to send us your best tracks in a private Soundcloud link or Dropbox to


Jetlag Recordings. Music that matters.

To finish a great year we are giving away new versions of two of our most acclaimed releases. “Honorem et Gloriam” by Evangelos turns into a rap song with Sorak´s new vocals, and “Rebound” by Subshock & Evangelos gets an amazing trap remix by Appearance & Michael White. Free Downloads on our Soundcloud page. 

Need For Speed is known for being a video game full of action and having always an amazing soundtrack. For 2015’s edition they included the new GoMad! & Monster track featuring Matt Rose called “Under Control”. Click on the pic to watch the amazing video clip!

Inky is one of Brazil´s best kept secrets. Their unique mixture of Rock & Roll with acid synths is their trademark and in this EP we get to explore their most electronic side. Malrip Gaws is the remix EP that came after their acclaimed album Primal Swag, recorded at the Red Bull Studio in Sâo Paulo.   

Kvinz is new to the label but has been around producing top quality tracks for some time already under many names. His first release with this new alias comes along with an edit by Distrak and a remix by Subshock & Evangelos.

When one of the biggest festivals in Spain wants your music for their official anthem it´s a great responsibility. This task was brought upon Subshock, Evangelos and Sandro Avila by Arenal Sound Festival and the result was “All I Know”, a beautiful, emotional and powerful Progressive House track that was a must in every set during the summer. 

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