GoMad! & Monster is a group of DJs/producers/musicians who broke into the Spanish electronic music scene really hard at the end of 2012, born as a result of the conformism reining the Spanish electronic music over the last few years.


They have been one of the most sought after artists in Spain for the past 2 years, playing at some of the most important clubs and festivals:  Arenal Sound, Low Cost Festival, Dreambeach, Aquasella, SOS 4.8, Territorios Sevilla, Sunhound Festival, Madness Festival, Alicante Spring Festival, amongst many more.


The summer of 2015 was the busiest to date, playing in Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland whilst continuing with their never ending tour around Spain.


After a short break from releasing new music, they have had a strong comeback with their new track "Under Control" featuring Matt Rose being included in the latest video game released by EA Games, Need For Speed.

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